Investments in mid-market growth financing


The investment focus of "ALTERNATIVE INCOME" are funds that lend directly in companies in the European and North American mid-market. In order to optimize returns and benefit from current market opportunities in the COVID-19 cycle investments in Distressed Debt and Special Situation funds are planned to a limited extent: Hence, investors gain access to a structured private debt portfolio that is diversified across different regions, fund managers, companies and fund ages.

The fund "ALTERNATIVE INCOME" enables investors to participate directly in the growth of mid-market businesses, to invest in a cyclically resistant manner and to benefit from ongoing distributions over the entire term. The fund's target yield is 7% percent (p.a. / net IRR after costs, before individual taxes).


Note: Investments in the fund "ALTERNATIVE INCOME" are long-term with acceptance of risks for the agreement of an illiquidity premium. The fund is denominated in euros; investments are made in US dollars and euros.


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