Investments in SME hidden champions


The private equity fund “MIDCAP PLUS” represents entrepreneurial investments that focus on the German Mittelstand. The investment philosophy is to influence the commercial development of the respective companies as a constructive owner and to incorporate targeted expertise via clear control rights.

A tailored private equity approach thereby offers solution-based approaches – particularly with regard to corporate succession and upcoming changes within the ownership structure. Proprietary access, which stems from the sound network of Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe, gives rise to an excellent deal flow. At the same time, this ensures the quality of potential investments. The target yield for the “MIDCAP PLUS” fund is 12 percent (p.a. / net IRR after costs, before individual taxation).


Note: Investments in the “MIDCAP PLUS” funds are long term in nature and include risks in exchange for an illiquidity premium.


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