Investments in digital innovations


The “DIGTAL GROWTH” is a fund of funds and gives investors access to a select group of international venture capital funds focusing on the areas of information and communications technology (ICT). It concentrates particularly on innovative digital companies that are looking to participate in the changes in the economy and society. The investments take place worldwide in Europe, the USA and Asia. As such, the “DIGITAL GROWTH” fund has a structured portfolio that is diversified across various regions, fund managers and investment maturities.

This leads to a good position vis-a-vis the target fund, as 1852 – as the fund initiator – 1852’s orientation gives it direct access to the German Mittelstand and therefore represents an investor with clear value add. The target yield for the “DIGITAL GROWTH” fund is 14 percent (p.a. / net IRR after costs, before individual taxation).


Note: Investments in the “DIGITAL GROWTH” funds are long term in nature and include risks in exchange for an illiquidity premium. The fund is denominated in US dollars; investments take place in US dollars and euros.


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